Smells like autumn in the kitchen

Last Tuesday we salvaged tons of cucumbers, carrots, and radishes from Terater’s market surplus, plus some apples from the South West United Mission. Both Terater and the Mission are close partners with Un Plant de Tomate and support the effort to improve access to fresh fruits and vegetables in the Verdun community.

Last week’s Food Transformers group was small, but mighty. We made more pickles with the cucumbers and modified a recipe from Food in Jars for ginger-pickled carrot and radish. With the apples, we made a glorious apple chutney. The smell wafting from the kitchen as it simmered on the stove was intoxicating as the clove and cinnamon mingled with the stewing apples – a signal of the end of summer and beginning of autumn. Before we know it we’ll be up to our eyeballs in apples and tomatoes rather than cucumbers and zucchini! Some of us are really looking forward to that transition…

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We’re not too sure what we’ll be working with today at the workshop, but we do have some more apples. Perhaps we’ll whip up some classic applesauce or apple butter or maybe we’ll go for the chutney again. The only way to find out is to come over and see what’s happening in the kitchen tonight.

Where: Dawson Community Centre (666 Woodland, Verdun)

When: TUESDAYS 5:30-8:30pm

Bring: Friends + family + $5 (suggested donation)


About Un plant de tomate à la fois

La ferme conviction que quantifier les retombées de l'agriculture urbaine est important, de mesurer son impact afin de la valoriser... Un plant de tomate à la fois est un projet en agriculture urbaine, sécurité alimentaire et éducation dans l'arrondissement de Verdun.
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