Kids in the Garden

Every Thursday morning, Riverview’s Roots gets a visit from the happy day-campers over at Pro-Actif Sante, who come do activities and interact with the garden.

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We always start off our morning by taking some weather observations using our rain gauge and thermometer, and then we find 5 changes in the garden since last week. We usually also sample some ripe veggies from the garden. The campers are most fond of cucumbers, though they’re brave enough to munch down nasturtium flowers too!

This week we spent some time learning about trees — what they do for us humans, what trees produce food we can eat, and how they grow. We then spent some time planting black walnut tree seeds, which will produce oxygen, nuts, and shade for us someday soon! We were lucky enough to get the seeds from Mr. Camirand of the Un Arbre, Une Vie project.

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