Tomatoes up to our ears!

Last week we teamed up with the SouthWest United Mission for the Annual Tomato Canning Bee. We may have been a bit over ambitious, having order 200lbs of Italian plum tomatoes with the intention of processing it all in one canning blitz.

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However, we soon realized that our ambitions were far eclipsed by the number tomatoes – we ended up with 400lbs instead of 200. A small miscalculation in the ordering process turned out to be a huge error. Despite the odds, we worked hard and fast and were able to get through 100lbs that evening with a relatively small crew. Each person left with at least 5 – 1 litre jars of canned tomatoes – whole and crushed.

So we still have 300lbs of tomatoes left to work through – hence, we’re hosting another Tomato Canning Bee TUESDAY, OCTOBER 9th from 1:30pm-5:30pm at the SouthWest United Mission (corner of Verdun and Melrose avenues in Verdun – connected to Verdun Elementary School). Come prepared to dive into a sea of tomatoes!

We’ll also be unloading as many tomatoes as possible for a steal of a deal at $5/20lb box – tell your neighbours, friends, and family! This way you can preserve tomato sauce, ketchups, and tomatoes any way you’d like (whole, crushed, diced, spiced) in the comfort of your home! Pick up with be arranged during the Tomato Canning Bee on Tuesday.

Contact us at to register for the Tuesday workshop and/or find out more about getting your hands on a box of perfectly ripe, delicious Italian tomatoes.


About Un plant de tomate à la fois

La ferme conviction que quantifier les retombées de l'agriculture urbaine est important, de mesurer son impact afin de la valoriser... Un plant de tomate à la fois est un projet en agriculture urbaine, sécurité alimentaire et éducation dans l'arrondissement de Verdun.
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