There’s the old adage “when life gives you lemons make lemonade”. But what do you do when life gives you basil?  And not just a little bit of basil, but basil galore? You make pesto, of course! And lots of it.

That’s exactly what we did last week with the teens who are part of the LEAD program at the Dawson Community Centre. The rooftop garden has a bumper crop of basil this summer with three cultivars – the sweet, the bush, and the thai. The teens harvest bunches from each basil plant to make a fusion pesto. While they were at it, they grabbed a couple of ripe zucchini from the roof. All in all, lunch was a very green, very aromatic affair.

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About Un plant de tomate à la fois

La ferme conviction que quantifier les retombées de l'agriculture urbaine est important, de mesurer son impact afin de la valoriser... Un plant de tomate à la fois est un projet en agriculture urbaine, sécurité alimentaire et éducation dans l'arrondissement de Verdun.
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